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BMW 1200 Bike Price

BMW R1200GS Bike Price - Motor Cycle

BMW R1200 GS Bike Price

Displacement 1170 cc

Start Type Electric

Transmission 6 Speed shaft drive

Mileage 19 KMPL


BMW R1200 GS Bike Features

The R1200 series is powered by a four-stroke 1170cc flat-twin "Boxer" engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox through a single dry plate clutch. This liquid-cooled engine produces 108bhp and 119Nm of torque in the R1200 R and 123bhp and 125Nm of torque in the other three models. The R1200 series is equipped with modern equipment like ABS, automatic stability control (ASC), tyre pressure monitoring and ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment).

The R1200 GS is dual-sport adventure motorcycles, built to tour across any kind of terrain and deal with harsh conditions. The R1200 GS Adventure model gets extra modifications to make it tougher than the standard R1200 GS. It gets a larger seat, bigger fuel tank and suspension travel has been increased.

Front Suspension

stanchion diameter 41 mm, Central spring strut


Rear Suspension

Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm


Chassis Type

Two-section frame consisting


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