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Bajaj Discover 125ST Motor Cycle

Bajaj Discover 125 ST Bike     


Price Rs. --/- (Ex Showroom- Delhi)

Bajaj Discover Bike Features & Technical Details

We all crave power. The power to rule, the power to change, the power to stay ahead. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, itís no different. Many motorcycles offer power. But only a Discover offers power without sacrificing mileage. So, how does it do it? After revolutionizing the Indian motorcycle industry with DTSi Twin Spark technology, Bajaj Auto is proud to present the first commuter category motorcycle with a 4-valve engine. The all-new Discover 125 ST 4-valve DTSi Twin Spark is an engineering marvel. Unlike conventional motorcycles which have 2-valves, the Discover 125 ST engine has four valves. This enables the engine to rev faster and smoother, thereby delivering a potent 13 horses of power. Working in conjunction with DTSi Twin Spark, this allows the rider to ride faster, yet without sacrificing any mileage.



Engine 4 Valve Twin Spark Air Cooled
Engine Displacement 124.6 cc
Max Net Power 13 Ps @ 9000 rpm
Max Net Torque 1.1 kgm @ 7000 rpm
Ignition System Digital CDI
Carburetor CV type
Starting Self + kick start
Clutch Multiplate Wet Clutch
Transmission 5 Speed Constant mesh
Max Speed 105kmph

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