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Yamaha SS125 Bike Price List

Yamaha SS125 Bike Price

Yamaha SS 125 Bike Price

Engine Type Air Cooled 4 Stroke, SOHC

Displacement 123 CC

Transmission Type 5 Gear Constant Mesh


Yamaha SS 125 Bike Features

SS125 equipped with Air cooled , 4-stroke , SOHC , 123cc type engine with aerodynamically designed three piece racing cowl provides a stylish & sporty look and a racing feel to the machine.

The aggressive look muffler equipped with heat shield absorbs heat and decreases chances of burns.

Aerodynamic yet sporty looks with dynamic sporty graphics make the SS 125 stand out from the crowd.

DU metal front fork in the SS 125 absorbs sh

Ex Show Room Price in Delhi, New Delhi, India

Blue and Black Rs. 56,555

Black and Red Rs. 56,555

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