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Price of Honda Car for 2020 in India. Honda Car Price includes latest price of this model of Car with new features. Lowest Prices of is listed here for you know online latest cost of this car. Honda Car prices in India are offered by dealers of car dealers offering to sell this model of Car. This Honda Car is available in listed India Cities. Please contact local dealer or visit website to purchase this Car in India at lowest cost.




Honda Brio Car Price List in India



Honda Brio Car Price



Brio E MT - Rs. 421,400

Brio EX MT - Rs. 443,500

Brio S MT - Rs. 479,000

Brio V MT - Rs. 512,600

Brio VX MT - Rs. 552,100

Brio VX BLMT AVN - Rs. 599,600

Brio VX AT - Rs. 631,500

Brio VX BLAT AVN - Rs. 679,000




Honda Amaze Car Price List in India



Honda Amaze Car Price



Amaze 1.2 E MT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 518,900

Amaze 1.2 EX MT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 555,800

Amaze 1.2 S MT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 594,800

Amaze 1.2 S MT Plus (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 599,585

Amaze 1.2 SX MT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 648,800

Amaze 1.2 VX MT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 687,800

Amaze 1.2 S AT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 695,800

Amaze 1.2 VX (O) MT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 732,800

Amaze 1.2 VX AT (i-VTEC) Petrol - Rs. 778,800

Amaze 1.5 E MT (i-DTEC) Diesel - Rs. 620,500

Amaze 1.5 EX MT (i-DTEC) Diesel - Rs. 653,300

Amaze 1.5 S MT (i-DTEC) Diesel - Rs. 697,800

Amaze 1.5 SX MT (i-DTEC) Diesel - Rs. 739,800

Amaze 1.5 VX MT (i-DTEC) Diesel - Rs. 776,300

Amaze 1.5 VX MT (O) (i-DTEC) Diesel - Rs. 821,300



Honda City Car Price List in India

Honda City Car Price. Petrol, Diesel


E MT Petrol - Rs. 753,000

S MT Petrol - Rs. 819,000

SV MT Petrol - Rs. 878,500

V MT Petrol - Rs. 937,000

VX MT Petrol - Rs. 1,034,000

SV CVT Petrol - Rs. 981,500

VX CVT Petrol - Rs. 1,142,500

EMT Diesel - Rs. 875,000

SMT Diesel - Rs. 940,500

SVMT Diesel - Rs. 993,900

VMT Diesel - Rs. 1,055,500

VXMT Diesel - Rs. 1,153,500

VX (O) MT Petrol - Rs. 1,064,000

VX (O) MT Diesel - Rs. 1,183,500


Honda Mobilio Car PriceHonda Mobilio Car Price List in India

Honda Mobilio Car Price List in New Delhi, India

E Petrol - Rs. 674,700

S Petrol - Rs. 780,100

V Petrol - Rs. 906,100

V(O) Petrol - Rs. 975,066

E Diesel - Rs. 819,200

S Diesel - Rs. 892,700

V Diesel - Rs. 1,008,700

V(O) Diesel - Rs. 1,077,666

RS Diesel - Rs. 1,118,700

RS(O) Diesel - Rs. 1,187,666


Honda CR-V Car PriceHonda CR-V Car Price List in India

Honda CR-V Car Price in New Delhi

CR-V 2.0 L MT - Rs. 2,109,000

CR-V 2.0 L AT - Rs. 2,285,000

CR-V 2.4 L AT (Smart Entry) - Rs. 2,509,000


Honda Car Spare Parts Price List

Honda Amaze and Honda City Genuine Accessories

Honda Jazz Accessories Price List





We do not guarantee the availability of this model of Honda Car in your location at the listed price. There may be discount offered by the dealer for this model of Honda Car for which you may contact the dealers. There is chance of increase or decrease in price also for this model of Honda Car due to any reason.  We are not dealers of Honda Cars and we do not sell any product. The prices are displayed only to make the visitors aware of the latest price of Honda Cars.

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